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I Helping!

Since Mommy and I have gone back to work, we've needed a lot of help around the house and Hannah has been there to "volunteer" her services. She "helps" put Cheerio's all over the floor. She "helps" shred newspapers into little bite-sized pieces. She "organizes" all our photos and she "prunes" our plants. Not to mention all the other wonderful things she does. But this time she actually IS helping. Hannah can unload the dryer. Click on the picture below to see her in action. But beware, buttons in the dryer are HOT!

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angie kennedypearlsmommy [at] yahoo [dot] com
2005/8/24 03:21

What a big girl! K. always likes to help me with the laundry, too!

DJ djb1541 [at] cox [dot] net
2005/8/23 19:19

Ryan is already mowing the yard. Beat that. great video by the way.