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Back to the Grind!

One of our wonderful perks of being teachers is over! Our 10 week recuperation , I mean vacation has come to an end. Ricky and I have enjoyed spending time with the little Missy, but it is back to school for us all.

Since I am starting a new job this school year, I have been very busy trying to get everything ready for the little ones. Which means that Daddy has been spending a lot of time with Hannah lately. He told me the other night that I needed to leave and come back around 11 b/c that was what had been the "norm" for the past few days. It is good in a way. Hannah had become such a Mommy's girl that she wouldn't even go to Daddy! Now she loves to play with Daddy.

Ricky and I even took turns taking her up to work with us so that the other could work a little bit. She loved "inspecting" our rooms. She crawled from place to place and "tasted" everything she could. She even "helped" me type some things on the computer.

Hopefully, things will calm down in the next couple of weeks and we will get used to our new schedule. My new arrival time is 30 minutes earlier and it has been very hard to adjust! Daddy has been a big help! I can't think him enough. Thanks, babe!