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Burger's Lake Videos

Since I wasn't able to make it to Burgers Lake, Anna was behind the camera. She took some footage of Hayden and Skylor in what looks to be a synchronized diving routine. Click on the picture below to view the video.

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Off to the Swimmin' Hole!

Tuesday afternoon Christina and I decided to leave the babies at home with the daddies and take the older kids off to Burger's Lake here in Fort Worth. Besides Hannah and Daddy had already been back in May with Ricky's school so it was my turn!

The kids knew we were going to a lake. But they had no idea how fun this "lake" would be. It is NO lake! But an old fashion swimmin' hole complete with diving boards, slides, and fountains. It is just the perfect size for everyone to go off and do their own thing, but still keep an eye on all of them.

Of course, the boys headed straight to the high dives. They spent the whole afternoon jumping from place to place. Hayden was doing all kinds of flips and Sky did his best to keep up! They even tried their hand at the swing. Sky had a little trouble reaching it and had to have help from a kind stranger in line. He aleady told me that when they come back again he will be able to do it on his own!

Myra and Kenzie had a good time floating around with Aunt Chris. Chris had a good time pushing Kenzie in front of the spraying fountain which was ICE cold. She must have liked it because she kept "going back more" according to Chris.

Towards the end of the afternoon we headed over to the "baby" board as they called it. Myra even jumped off of it!

On the way home the kids were exhausted, but they couldn't stop talking about all of the fun they had at "Burgers Lake" and started reliving every jump, flip, and dive!

They are already planning their next visit! Can't wait. Maybe Hannah can go next time!!!

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3 Little Visitors: Day 2

Tuesday morning we got around and packed a picnic lunch to enjoy after our trip to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing located just down the road from the house.

We took a 45 minute tour of the ins and outs of how money is printed. It was pretty cool. The kids got a little antsy and Hannah wasn't exactly the best listener. I think we needed more of a "drive through" tour. But the kids enjoyed visiting the gift shop after the tour. Imagine that! Sarah's kids wanting to visit the gift shop! NO pics from the bureau of engraving (they HATE to be called the MINT!) since security was pretty tight. They are in the process of printing a new 10 dollar bill and it is ALL very top secret.

After the tour we decided that it was a little too hot (almost 100 degrees!) to have an outside picnic so off to my school we went. Unfortunately, the fire marshall was there testing the system. Off to Ricky's school!

We had the whole cafeteria to ourselves! After a yummy lunch the kids had a good time running around the stage. Hannah and Noah crawled all over the place chasing each other. Myra and Kenzie enjoyed hamming it up. Myra has always enjoyed performing. Just ask PaPa about the time she sang "Twinkle, Twinkle" at the Stroud High School Auditorium.

Sky's question was "Anna, what are we going to do next?". Just wait and see Skybird!