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3 Little Visitors Show off at the Pool

So were at the pool, I have my nifty underwater camera/camcorder, and I have three little showoffs! Click on the Photos to view their videos.

Hayden's Twisty Dive!

Kenzie's Canonball!

Skylor's Canonball!

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3 Little Visitors: Day 1

Hayden, Kenzie, and Skylor came down from Oklahoma to visit for a few days, and we started their tour of Texas in great fashion by visiting Cabela's a great outdoor store similar to Bass Pro Shop. After that we went swimming in our pool, and almost everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Hannah on the other hand bumped her little mouth and drew a little blood. It took her awhile, but she soon forgot about it and was back to her old self. I had three little show offs and the videos of them are posted above. After swimming we ate some SMORES courtesy of our little SMORE's Kit. After dessert it was time for some competitive ladder golf! Yes, Hayden beat me Beat me bad. Nuff said.

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Introducing Ladder Golf!

My neighbor introduced me to this game called Ladder Golf Its sorta like horse shoes, but with bolo's made out of golf balls. You score 3 points for the top rung, 2 points for the middle rung, and 1 point for the bottom rung.� The object of the game is to reach 21 points exactly.� We had some great games during Christina�s birthday party, with the first four or five decided in sudden death I think PaPa came out on top as he was only beaten in the last game, by me of course! Just to make Josh feel good, that's him scoring 3 points in the first photo.