[Pictures]Received 05/17/2005 02:51

Golf Swing

I don't know if I should call this pictures or video. I took the series of photos using my Canon 20D. It is able to take many pictures very quickly 5fps to be exact. I also took out my camcorder to the driving range. I guess my timing is pretty much the same, because I only have one camera, and we took 2 different angles and the swings look like they were taken at the same time with two cameras. Click here. to see the driver and Click here. to see the 5 iron. I think the effect on the photo is neat, it might be a cool way to show Hannah crawling, or her first steps... I think I can wait though. I'm having too much fun playing with her while she is sitting up and things are still out of her "reach"

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The old ball and chain
2005/5/20 03:26

Tiger my BUTT!

Tiger Woods
2005/5/19 03:06

That is an amazing swing. I\'m jealous