Received 06/12/2005 02:43

Hannah's Haulin' Now!!!

Hannah has learned a new trick. She can now manuever herself all around the floor on her belly, but backwards! It seems that her transmission is broken. We had noticed that if she really wants something she stretches will all her might until she can get it. But I had no idea how much ground she can actually cover.

Yesterday while I was cleaning the kitchen I looked up and she had made a complete "J" pattern in her journey. She came to the end of her adventure when she reached the family room wall. She how no idea what to do next. So she just "hollered" for mom.

This afternoon she figured out that the kitchen floor is funner b/c it is a little easier to get goin'. This time her technique was different. She flops over like a clam and then pushes her little hiney out until she moves. Then she sits up and does it all over again. When I picked her up to change her diaper, she had little crumbs all over it from the floor. We now have a remote control sweeper! Awesome!!! I knew having kids would come in handy!