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Round #.... Oh, I Give UP!

Well, it seems the little man is sick again. Auntie Chris emailed me at work on Thursday and said he was acting cranky and running a fever. The good news is no runny diaper or throwing up. Bad news: 101.6 fever! Poor little guy. Can't catch a break.

I call Amanda, the nurse, once again. She and I are on a first name basis now as much as I have called in the past month or so. I thought it might be from him teething. His first tooth popped through on Monday. She didn't seem to think his fever would be that high just for his teeth. She recommended he come in again, but they had no openings for the day. So off to Urgent Care we go.....

I quickly found a sub and whipped out sub plans once again. I am getting really good at making them super fast these days. We didn't even have to wait too long at the clinic. The nice thing about going to UC in the middle of the day when all of the peditricians offices are open.

His fever had dropped a bit, but he was still cranky. The doctor had to do a little diggin' to clear his little ear out. The right ear: clear. The left one: not so clear!

Once again we go off to CVS for some meds. The nice thing about this though is it is only once a day and doesn't NOT need to be refrigerated! (see post below).

He actually slept all night last night and his fever is gone now. Auntie Chris said he slept most of the morning, but seemed ready for some food come lunch time (as long as it wasn't the green beans!).

We go back to Dr. Shori in two weeks. I am curious what she will think about all of the ear infections in such a short time frame. Same ear too!

The clinic doctor said it was hard to tell since it was the cold season and all. I guess we will have to wait and see... But man, I am soooo running out of sick days....

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granny bernadette2 [at] valornet [dot] com
2008/1/13 16:57

hate to hear of andrew`s problems. i know dr. don`t think babies need vitamins but would you consider them? they wouldn`t hurt but might help get him built back up. they are liquid and smell bad!<br />