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Just Another Manic Monday

and it has nothing to do with school! Everything it seems is going wrong today....

Wake up this morning: out of Make-up! thing I HATE about Mary Kay. You can't buy it just any where.

Picked up Hannah at Auntie Chris's and she has "crusty" eyes. Looks like pink eye.

Call the nurse, no answer, leave a message.

Call Ricky on the way home and tell him what we are having for dinner (thinking he would just pop the pizza in the oven) no seems I didn't SAY it the right way.

Come home, pull the "frozen" pizza out of the box only to have it fold in half! Not frozen now...

Check the freezer, the top shelf is defrosting before my eyes. Ugh! 3 1/2 year old freezer and it is already acting up.

Pop the pizza in

Ricky calls LOWES about freezer.

Look at counter and realized I left the Drew's "refrigerate after open" medicine on the counter ALL day!

Call the pharmacy. Must have the doctor call it in and it's now after 5:00.

Michelle calls and say that she has a small freezer she will send over to keep our food in since the freezer guy can't make it until WED. Thank goodness for friends.

Nurse calls about Hannah's gunky eyes and I tell her about me ruining baby's meds. She sends a note to the dr. We set up an appt for Hannah for 8:30 in the morning.

Back to school I drive to make sub plans for tomorrow.

Hour later head home and finally some good news:
The dr called in a new prescription for baby, but insurance may not cover it since they JUST filled it.

Freezer seems to be working better. Still going to have the fix-it man come out just to be sure.

The insurance DID cover baby's meds, just had to pay co-pay.

Came home both kids were in bed and I can relax now... sore throat in all, but hey I get to sleep in a little in the am.

Don't you wish that sometimes you had a "do-over" button on your alarm clock?

Update: Hannah woke up this morning with her eyes matted shut. Good thing I called in for a sub last night. Off to the doctor we went. Ears are clear and eyes aren't red, just gunky. So allergy drainage is the cause. We got some eye drops and a decongestant and headed home. She was so good about taking her meds today. Let's see how she is at 6:45 am!

Sore throat is feeling a bit better after a dose of Dayquil. Here's hoping I can last the week without another day off... Ah, here's to "Hump Day".