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[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 12/22/2007 20:26

Christmas in Fort Worth

I think Andrew’s first Christmas went well.  He didn’t have a lot of big boxes to play in, so he just ate all the wrapping paper.  Mommy got a wooden nativity scene, while Daddy got a new driver.  Hannah got a Dora flashlight and a tricycle (she wanted a purple scooter though).

[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 12/22/2007 20:16

Santa Photos

So we waited about two hours in line to take our photo with Santa.  Hannah was super excited until we actually got there.  Then of course she wanted nothing to do with the man.  Even though she knows he gives her presents.  Andrew was pretty excited, but Hannah’s expression tells it all.  Previous years we were able to use our own camera, but not this year.