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Donut Anyone?

After church they always serve doughnuts. I have heard parents bribe their kids with "If you want a donut after church, you better be good!" I couldn't wait until that worked with Hannah. She doesn't exactly have the best church going reputation. Although, I always get comments on how CUTE she is. I am sure they are really thinking, "Glad she is not sitting with me!" She is so wiggly!

We normally don't even last through the recessional let alone for breakfast! But today she was good. She didn't even act up! Although when we went up to communion, she tried to take a host out of Father's bowl. She is SO ready for her First Communion!

After church she was outside when they brought out the donuts. She made a mad dash AND squeal straight over to the table to get one. The boy passing them out gave her one and I quickly intercepted it and gave her half, but she didn't care! She was in heaven! She was so good on the drive back home from Azle. I kept telling her, "See when you are good at church, we get donuts!" Hopefully, she will remember that next Sunday!

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Kimmy kimsoko [at] hotmail [dot] com
2006/6/14 23:32

Can't say I blame her...I have quite a hard time sitting through church, too!