[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 12/30/2005 17:36

An Unexpected "Date"

Finally! Ricky and I pulled it off!!! We got to spend 6 1/2 hours together ALONE well, almost alone! Except the crazy lady who wanted to rip out her IV and the man who kept complaining about a swollen foot, but had the energy to talk to everyone he knew about the BIG play from some game. Now, where did we find such an exciting place?!?! At Baylor All Saint ER of course! Where else?

Details and pics to follow! Let's just say that Ricky is the proud owner of 19 stitches and one fractured bone all on his MIDDLE finger!!! So if you see him anytime soon, he is NOT upset at you! He will just be flipping the bird constantly for the next week or so. Oh, the kids at school will love this!

A SUPER big thank you to Auntie Chris and Myra for coming over to sit with the missy!