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[Video!]Received 12/02/2005 04:12

My Ipod Nano with VIDEO!!!

Thanks to the folks over at I was able to turn my regular Ipod Nano into a Video Ipod without spending anymore money! This hack isn't for the faint of heart. It required totally reformatting the ipod, and moving the ipod's hard drive partitions around Yes, it voided my warranty, yes, it took me over 3 hours, and yes it took more than one try to get it right. But now I have two ipods in one. When you turn on the ipod and don't touch anything, it boots up normally, just like it did before. Windows recognizes it, you can listen to music and it can do everything it did before, but press the rewind button while it's booting up and it boots into a linux program called podzilla. Podzilla looks very similar to the apple interface, with several changes and added features. The main one for me is being able to play video! Click here or on the picture to watch the video.

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