[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 08/12/2008 23:33

It all started...

with a little trip to McD's. The daddy had a wedding this past weekend so for dinner on FRI I thought I would take the kids to McD's and play.

I got them dressed and headed out the door. We went in and placed our order. Everything was going great! No one was crying. Everyone was listening to Mommy. So I go over to the drink fountain to start filling our drinks. And that is when the FUN began...

It seems little Andrew wasn't feeling well. Now I didn't know this as he was just fine when we left the house. All of a sudden out comes EVERYTHING he had eaten in the past few days. I thought grabbed on to him and put my hand up hoping to "catch" the mess before it hit the floor and caused a "McMess". Uh, not a good plan. Nope, it seems it wasn't just a little bit. It was a lot.

A kind mother gave me some napkins for him. Hannah didn't say much (unlike a month ago when he ralphed at Braums, "Mommy, he threw up on my highchair!"). I asked the girl behind the counter for a bag for his clothes and off to the restroom we went to wash up.

Everyone was very helpful and helped me get the kids and the food to the car. We got home and he seemed fine. However, he has thrown up a few times since and has had many runny diapers. He is still not eating like normal, but he seems to be sleeping ok.

Now the daddy has it... It seems to be going around the big town of Saginaw as another teacher today said her husband was sick and another child had puked at the McD's the day Auntie Chris and the kids stopped by. Needless to say, they didn't stay and play either.

I don't blame them one bit! Man, my little man must be super sensitive when it comes to his belly. What a way to spend my last week of summer vacation. Oh, well, at least this will make going back a little easier!!!!