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First Day of "Big School" is FINALLY here!!!

That's right! Hannah started big school on Monday. She will be attending the daycare center for the teachers. She is SUPER excited! She has her Disney Princess backpack, her blanket, and her lovey all ready to go in her pink bubble gum box by the door.

We met one of her teachers on FRI. Ms. Janetta seems very nice. Hannah didn't want to leave "her room" which was nice. I was a little afraid as when I asked her earlier who she wanted her teacher to be she said, "Mommy!". However, I think she is warming up just nicely to the idea.

Her favorite part of her new room was that the bathroom had a "Hannah-sized" sink. She was so giddy this evening and just played and ran around with her backpack on.

Here is to a wonderful first day, sweet girl! I know you will just LOVE big school!

Daddy's edit: Tuesday wasn't such a good day as she had her "card" moved to yellow.

Daddy's edit #2: Wednesday was a much better day and her "card" is back to green