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Bruhaw Hair Gone...

Most of you who see Hannah on a regular basis are aware of her most distinctive characteristic these days (especially since Daddy has been in charge of getting her dressed in the morning...) her huge knot of hair on the back of her head!

No matter what I use on her hair (spray detangler, big girl conditioner, etc...) she would wake up in the morning with this huge knot of mess in the back of her head. She HATED to have it brushed and it was usually easier to just put it up in a "pony" and be done with it. Brushing it out the night before didn't seem to help either.

Every trip to the store I would scour the hair gel aisle in search of some kind of anti-frizz stuff. Never once being successful...

Until last night... We went to Walmart b/c the daddy just HAD to get the kids one of those plastic pools (better known to us here in TX: west nile habitats!)

Anyway, I had to pick up some things for a baby shower and was in the baby care aisle when I came across some detangler conditioner for kids.

Ricky used it on her hair this afternoon before nap and it worked! Even after her nap she didn't have the "nappy" hair she usually has.

She was soooo proud of her conditioner. She carried it around all night and said, "Hannah's shampoo! Bruhaw hair gone!"

Oh, do I hope she is right... We will find out tomorrow I guess!!!

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Josh joshosu [at] gmail [dot] com
2007/6/9 16:42

Hannahs brew-ha hair makes it look like she is always running at top speed with her crazy hair whipping out behind her. I am glad to see you *slow her down* with the detangler.