[Pictures]Received 03/29/2005 03:19

Family Portrait

Okay, so I thought I would try my hand at the Photoshop, multiple layer, portrait, picture frame thingy. Seems like every one is doing it. I think one positive aspect is that the "portraits" can be taken at different times. If you have a bad hair day, no biggie, just wait until your hair is up to par, take the pic and set it in the picture frame. Enjoy!

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Crystal Paine crystalpaine79 [at] yahoo [dot] com
2005/4/2 07:06

That is AWESOME!!!! You'll have to tell me how you did that!

DJ djb1541 [at] cox [dot] net
2005/3/30 01:56

youre neato

Richard rrgode [at] hotmail [dot] com
2005/3/29 17:22

marinade chicken in Italian salad dressing (Gilbert\'s recipe)<br />
<br />
I\'m sure mom can fing some \"funky\" pics of Rick.......<br />
<br />

Walt walt [at] cameraman [dot] net
2005/3/29 06:34

Awesome job with the Photoshop, Ricky! I think you need a smaller frame, though. Is that a 20X30? Something closer to 16X20 might work a little better... you could get the whole frame in each shot, and see a little more of Anna in the process. Great job, though!