[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 08/10/2006 00:44

Put your toe on your nose...and keep it there all day!

I think I've created a monster. A couple weeks ago, I joined the ranks of millions by getting my first DVR (digital video recorder) but instead of buying one, I built my own! I bought a Dell off of eBay, put in 300 gig hard drive and a couple PVR-150 tuners then ordered this software from SageTV. Best of all, I'll never have to pay subscription fees, EVER! My DVR gets all the programming information over the internet and its all FREE. Its just like a tivo, except it is a lot more customizable. One other thing that's pretty neat about my DVR is it's actually a Media Center. All of the programs stored on its Hard Drive are accessible to all of the computers in my house!

Which brings me to this post, Anna didn't want to put a TV in Hannah's room, instead we opted for a little computer. But, since the computer is on my network, it can access all the cartoons that the DVR has recorded. Hannah has started grabbing out hands and pulling us into her room, to start up her cartoons.

There are even great websites with cartoons on them, this one in particular http://www.noggin.com/shows/movemusic.php has some neat videos that Hannah likes. I don't know if its her favorite, but lately when watching Laurie Berkner sing her Pig on Her Head song Hannah has begun to act out all the moves. She even does them just before Laurie sings it. Guess what this line is. (Hint: Something about your nose and toes)