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The Cost of Training a Pilot.

● Sig Somethin Extra Kit - 80 dollars

● Futaba Super 8 Radio - 400 dollars

● OS 4-Stroke Surpass .70 Engine - 200 dollars

● Gallon of Fuel for Plane - 15 dollars

● Gasoline to get out to the flying field 2nd mortgage on house

● The sound of balsa wood cracking as your daughter sits on your plane because mommy thinks it's a cute picture.


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Jumpin at the pool.

We've spent our fair share at the pool this summer and Hannah has gotten very brave. We took this small little floatie because Hannah didn't want to give it back were given this little floatie from our neighbors while they were at the pool. It is just the right size and Hannah kicks her little legs and swims all over the place. She has even gotten to where she jumps off the side.
Link: Jumping in the Pool.wmv

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Happy Belated Blog Post Birthday Sarah

Anna took the boys and Hannah to meet Sarah for a surprise birthday party. The kids made Sarah these little Explosion Books (warning .pdf link 2.44Mb). Everyone ate a lot of pizza and some yummy John Deere cake. I think Hannah enjoyed the cake a little more than the tractor.