[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 03/31/2006 21:59

Carseat Frustrations!

This afternoon when Hannah and I were driving home I heard some frustrating cries coming from the back seat. So I turned around and this is what I saw:

Apparently here "pillow" from her seat began attacking her! She was not happy and couldn't seem to get it off of her poor little head. So what does her very concerned Mommy do? She waits until she gets to the next red light and whips out her camera! By the time we got to the house she was feeling a little bit better about her dilemma or maybe she was loving ALL of the attention I was giving her!!!

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2006/4/3 03:09

Yes, you are right. Even though my handy dandy camera is ALWAYS in my purse, FW PD seems to frown upon people driving their cars and taking pictures of people in the back seat at the same time. So by the time I turned around she was a little happier.

angie kennedypearlsmommy [at] yahoo [dot] com
2006/4/3 02:22

She doesn't look too upset!