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A Visit with Grandpa in the Hospital

Grandpa was taken to the hospital last Tuesday in Stroud due to a fever and an abscess that wasn't going away. He was admitted Tuesday to take care of the fever and to have the abscess lanced. He had surgery on Thursday morning for the abscess. That afternoon, he was having respiratory distress and not much muscle control from the waste down due to a spinal block during the surgery. Friday Hank, Elizabeth, & Lola went to see him again and he was having trouble breathing due to his respiratory distress and was having spasmatic coughs. Friday night we got a call that he collapsed and was being transported to Saint Anthony in Oklahoma City. When they got to Oklahoma City Friday night he was on a breathing tube. They waited there until he was put into ICU early Saturday morning. Saturday morning they took the breathing tube out and he was able to breathe on his own. He was even hungry! They transferred him to a regular room later that night.

Everyone was able to visit him. They even let Hannah. The trouble is, that she is a bit more mobile than she used to be and has a hard time sitting still. Unless You have food. She'll walk up to anyone so long as they have something to offer. You can see by her expression that she doesn't like for Lola to pose for a picture instead of feeding her. She was even able to sit still long enough while Grandpa fed her ice cream. I don't know which part Hannah liked best, all the ice cream or the elevator ride.

We all hope you get better soon Grandpa!