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Hannah's Hat

Tonight, I heard Hannah playing in the backroom. I thought I heard her laughing. She kept on trying to put the orange shape sorter on her head. But when I got back there, she wasn't laughing, she was crying. Not tears, just the frustrated crying. She tried so hard to keep the shape sorter on her head, but it kept falling off. This went on for about a minute. Anna and I thought it was pretty funny were concerned for our daughters well being, so we got out the camcorder. By this time, she was getting pretty upset. So we tried to help her. Finally I got one of my old hats. She seemed to like it.


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Hair Raising Bath Time

Bath time is so fun. Hannah just plays and plays. We can pour water on her head and she doesn't even fuss. Now getting her out of the tub is another story. Here's the classic hair spike bathtub pic, enjoy!