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Give My Regards to Broadway!

Just got back from ANOTHER wonderful Broadway show. Last week myself and some friends from school went to the Bass Hall in Fort Worth to see Mama Mia! It was fabulous!!! The singing was top-notch and the costumes and sets were gorgeous!

I am now a Broadway groupie! I can't wait to go again. Stomp will be coming in NOV and I so want to go!

Anyone want to join me? I am almost positive that Ricky will sit this one out too. Although, I am sure STOMP is no chick flick!

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Josh joshosu [at] gmail [dot] com
2008/9/20 20:45

Chris and I saw Stomp in Tulsa back in college. It was amazing. Good Times!

angie kennedypearlsmommy [at] yahoo [dot] com
2008/9/18 00:32

Walt and I saw STOMP when we lived in Dallas. It was a good show.