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WTH???? Update

It has been two weeks since some crazy person decided to drive through our back fence nearly hitting the house and drive off.

We called the insurance the same day it happened. Finally on TH they called and said they would be out the next morning to take pictures.

The next week we still hadn't heard anything from anyone. We still don't know the name of the driver and haven't heard a word from the cops (which I didn't expect anyway, but it would have been nice).

Fast forward to FRI. I come home from work to find a "lovely" letter from the city saying we had a week to fix it or a ,000 fine. Such lovely neighbors we have! I mean they actually gave us FIVE whole business days to work something out before they called the city on us!

Soooo.... all morning on SAT Ricky spends on the phone trying to find out what the deal is. The good news is that since we had a letter from the city we were now getting answers.

Turns out the driver caused about ,000 worth of damage. Luckily, we had insurance and will only be out the deductible. A friend of mine's husband has a landscaping business on the side so he came over on SAT and did a quick inventory on what we would need. He showed up on SUN morning and by 2:00 we had a fence!

It is nice to have some privacy again. Ricky will have to stain it and put a few finishing touches on it. All and all we are very fortunate that that was all we had damaged.

The insurance lady is going to get a copy of the police report and then we will decide what to do from there. I guess we will wait and see what will happen next.

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My, Where Does the Time Go?

It is hard to believe how much the kids change in a year. Seeing them every day I don't really notice until I "take a look back" at pictures.

The first picture was taken last year (late summer/early fall). We were getting ready to head out the door for church and they just looked so cute that I couldn't help myself. I made the Daddy drag out the camera. It is one of my favs of the two of them.

Hannah wasn't quite 3 yet. She was still in diapers and soooo into Dora. She loved helping Mommy with her little brother.

Andrew was about 5 months or so. Full of smiles and not mobile (yet anyway). He was almost sitting up by himself. And NOT sleeping through the night.

The second picture was taken a couple of weeks ago (once again before church).

Hannah is now almost 4 and in "big" school. She is fully potty trained and so in to Disney Princess and Mermaids. She is super inventive and very creative and loves going to school to play with her friends. She is a pretty good help to Mommy w/ Andrew. They love to chase each other around and giggle.

Andrew, AKA "the monkey", is ALL over the place. He is finally sleeping through the night and runs full speed ahead EVERYWHERE. He will climb on anything and everything and loves to tease his sister. He is gradually adding new words here and there. His latest being: Ketchup and won't sit still for a pic.

We didn't get the best shot, but it is just how life with the two of them seems to be: unpredictable!