[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 02/23/2007 01:49

Our Little Girlie Girl

Hannah has become quite the prissy missy lately. She loves to get her "prettys" done (that's what she calls her nails when they are painted) and loves to dress up in her dresses. She always wants to put her barrettes and bows in her hair. Although she is not a big fan of brushing her hair in order to make her "pony". She even tries to walk around in Mommy's high heeled shoes. When she finds my jewelry, she just has to try them on. While driving home, I was stopped by an infamous Saginaw Train, and was able to take a few quick pics of Hannah with her cool sunglasses. I have NO idea where she gets it! I wonder what we are in for over the next few years...

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Uncle Hank & Aunt Lizzy elizabethlau77 [at] yahoo [dot] com
2007/3/3 17:16

Aww.. she such a little princess! Too cute!