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Week 28 Visit

On Monday I made my lastly monthly appointment before I have to go every two weeks. My glucose test was set for 1st thing in the morning after a night of fasting (not fun!). I wasn't very optimistic since I didn't pass it last time with Hannah. But hey, this one is a BOY so who knows?

I have gained about 22 pounds which is about where I was with the missy at this time. Baby boy is becoming more active and seems to move toward sound. The kids at school are always talking to him. One little one always says, "Bye baby!" and pats my belly at the end of each day. The other day when it was time for reading I looked up and they had pulled my rolling chair to the middle of the room complete with my footstep and book. I guess they know what I need!

I have been having a few contractions (the painful sort) so the doctor ran a test just to be sure. His heartbeat was nice and strong and everything seemed to check out just fine.

The good news is that my contractions test came back negative; the bad news is that I failed my sugar test! So back on Friday I will go for the grueling 3 hour test. I guess I had better find some papers to grade while I wait!

Looks like we will be celebrating fat Thursday this year just in case my diet is put on restriction. Sooooo if you need to get a hold of us on Thursday we will be at Braum's!