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Here's to 60 Sensational Years!

Today is my mom's 60th birthday! Where does the time go? Ricky, Hannah, and I decided to surprise her this past weekend with a little trip to OK. We had it all planned out. Mom didn't suspect a thing... until Aunt Sarah blew the cover! Even Kennedy kept a secret! Oh, well. Nonetheless we had a great time!

On Saturday Hannah and I enjoyed watching Skylor play a couple of basketball games. She ran around and played so hard. I think she wore Cousin Kenzie out though. There was a little 2 month old baby boy. I told her, "Look that is a brother! You are going to have one of those." She kissed on him and wanted to hold him, but whenever Mommy was holding him she didn't want a THING to do with him. She acted like he wasn't even there!

On Saturday afternoon we journeyed over to Joseph's in Drumright for a yummy afternoon lunch complete with a delicious chocolate cake picked out by Kennedy. Hannah just couldn't wait for those candles to be blown out and helped herself to a chocolate rose right before Granny blew out those candles!

We headed back late Sunday afternoon after Daddy played a whopping 36 holes in one day with Papa. I guess that's OK since it will definitely be a while until we head north again. I would hate to have to stop at the WinStar Casino on the OK/TX border to deliver this baby! Our next trip back we will be a family of 4 and Hannah will have a new seat mate to "play" with.

We arrived back in FW around 11:00 at night and Hannah didn't sleep a wink! She stayed awake the whole time making sure Daddy's new GPS took us the right way.

So glad we could be there to help you celebrate, Granny! Too bad it wasn't a surprise! We are looking forward to your visit in March. Happy Birthday!

Edit: Don't forget that PaPa and I also built a rope bridge across the creek Saturday morning with the Boy Scouts. We also had a special delivery for my mom who was the BIG WINNER in a Texas Lotto scratch off. SHE WON 200 BUCKS!!!

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Our Little Girlie Girl

Hannah has become quite the prissy missy lately. She loves to get her "prettys" done (that's what she calls her nails when they are painted) and loves to dress up in her dresses. She always wants to put her barrettes and bows in her hair. Although she is not a big fan of brushing her hair in order to make her "pony". She even tries to walk around in Mommy's high heeled shoes. When she finds my jewelry, she just has to try them on. While driving home, I was stopped by an infamous Saginaw Train, and was able to take a few quick pics of Hannah with her cool sunglasses. I have NO idea where she gets it! I wonder what we are in for over the next few years...