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Christmas Videos

While we were home for the holidays, I was able to take a few quick videos. The first video is a first hand view of what it looks like to be put in a big cardboard tube and rolled down a hill. The 2nd video is what happens when good toys go bad. It still didn't take Hannah long to get over it and start playing again. The last two were some of Hannah's longest walks to date. Click on the pictures or link to view the videos.

That's a cardboard tube getting some air!

Link: http://rgode.homeftp.net/videos/roll.wmv

When good toys go bad

Link: http://rgode.homeftp.net/videos/badtoy.wmv

Walking Walking Walking

Link: http://rgode.homeftp.net/videos/walk1.wmv

More Walking

Link: http://rgode.homeftp.net/videos/walk2.wmv