[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 11/11/2008 03:07

The Bug is Back

It is most definitely that time of year again. We are battling that yucky stomach bug that is going around. Hannah went home early last WED. She felt better the next day.

Andrew started on WED and is still going strong. Hoping for not a repeat of last May's trip to the ER, we have been trying desperately to keep something in him.

He is fine for a bit until he wants something to eat. Then it comes right back up. The daddy stayed home with him on WED. He seemed better yesterday so back to school we all went. This morning we had a lovely repeat of WED morning (Why does it ALWAYS happen in MY car?).

Off to make sub plans he went with me. He whimpered the WHOLE time until one of my boys pulled out a dinosaur book. Man, he was in heaven! He thought it was so neat. Braeden of course was worried that Andrew would throw up on it, but nonetheless shared the book with him.

He slept pretty good and has only thrown up a few more times. In between sleep, yucky diapers, and throwing up, he seems to feel pretty good.

I chatted with both the nurse and doctor today. I am pretty sure we will be able to keep him out of the ER this time. I have even gotten some Pedialyte down him.

Keeping our fingers crossed that this will all be over by the start of the new week. I have Parent/Teacher conferences to get ready for and plus I am running out of days!