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Goin' Green Once Again...

No, we aren't talking saving the planet. Not that I don't think we need. I do my fair share of recycling, conserving, reusing, etc... Just ask Ricky.

No, goin' green is referring to our lovely little preschooler. It seems the girl who LOVES big school and was doing so well has "lost" her way.

For the past 2 weeks we have seen MANY yellows and yes, the dreaded RED! The big problem: not napping and talking during nap. She is also getting a little attitude with her teachers.

On Wednesday after her RED day I told her that if she didn't get green the next day ALL of her Barbies were going bye-bye. Well, we didn't get Red... but we didn't get green either.

Up went the Barbies. None of her music in the car. No TV. We were trying it all.

Last night we made a Hannah's Happy Days chart. For every green day we have, we get a flower. When 5 days are green, we get a little surprise.

Hannah was soooo excited about her chart. She even told me this morning, "I am going to stay on green ALL day!". Which of course, she has been telling me every morning for the past 2 weeks.

This afternoon I reluctantly got in the car to go get her. Not knowing what I would find made me a little nervous.

The verdict: a GREEN day! She took a nap and didn't throw one fit all day. She was so proud of herself. She got a sticker for her chart, a trip to play at McDs, and we even painted her fingers.

I think I have figured out what the problem was though. It seems she is a little like her mommy when it comes to food. If she is hungry, she is cranky! I know... "Get the cheese" as my family use to tease me.

Anyway, the breakfast we would send her would go uneaten because she wanted to play when she got to school. If she got in trouble before lunch, she would dump her lunch and not even eat it.

So today we sat down and ate oatmeal at home complete with a glass of milk. Hopefully, this will be a long term solution.

She was even playing with toys and asking her unicorn what kind of day she had! Too funny!