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[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 06/29/2007 14:01

Finally Got It!

Drew is really starting to smile big time now, but every time we bring out the daddy's enormous, black camera he stops. I got this one the other morning. Sorry, he isn't exactly centered, but I had to shoot from the side of the camera to get him to smile. Too sweet!!!

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An All Around Average Guy

Today was Drew's 2 month check-up. Hannah had to go with me b/c the daddy had an appointment. He did however show up right before the doctor came in and managed to exit right before the shots came. Said he couldn't stand to watch the little man cry like that...

Drew is doing very well. He is starting to gain some head control. He should as much as he HATES to be put down. Holding him straight up facing out is his favorite pose right now.

He is starting to get a more regular night pattern and we are finally heading to every 3-4 hours to eat instead of every 2. For that Mommy is really glad!

He weighs 11 pounds 5 ounces and was 22 3/4" long. His head was 39 around which puts him exactly 50% for everything! Just average! Hannah was always in the 5-10% for weight and more average for height so this is definitely a change. I could tell he was heavier, but wasn't sure by how much.

He is cooing more often now especially in the morning and is starting to be entertained by watching Hannah play. She LOVES holding him and talking to him. Here they are the night we brought him home from the hospital and the other one was taken yesterday. It is amazing how much he has changed in 2 months.

With any luck we won't have to visit Dr. Shori again until August. Poor guy has seen the doctor too many times in his 2 months. Here is to a healthy 2 months!

[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 06/29/2007 13:40

Visiting Friends and Family

While in Stroud we made sure that all the Grandparents got plenty of hold time with Andrew. We drove up to Tulsa, to visit Jerry and Jill and see their new baby girl Lainey. I think Drew was surprised at how small Lainey was. He's usually not the biggest kid in the room. Peyton got her old time in with Andrew too.

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Revisiting Summer Camp

We went home to visit "Big Bill" at summer camp. It was Hannah & Andrew's first visit to one of my favorite summer time destinations. But somehow, everything seemed a bit smaller. They have made a lot of useful renovations, but most everything was still where it used to be. I took Hannah to the boat pond for her first boat ride. They have upgraded their canoes since I was there last and also added some kayaks to their armada.