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I Shot an 80!

Last Saturday (yes Mother's Day weekend) Anna took me to go get fitted for some new golf clubs. I did the entire routine, swing speed, lie and loft. Turns out, that I'm perfectly average! The tape at the bottom of the club indicated that I didn't need any adjustments to the lie of my irons. My swing speed was about 109 MPH, so I was fitted with steel shafts. The beauty of this is that I can buy off the rack, which is what I did. I got the Titleist Forged 704 cavity backs I also got a new bag and a new driver the Callaway Great Big Bertha II. I hit them well at the shop and at the range, but I went out to Willow Springs today to test them on the field of battle. Let me just say that these clubs delivered. My Driver, I DIDN'T HIT ONE BAD DRIVE! I was a driver then wedge to almost every par 4 and I even DROVE 2 par 4's, so I was a driver then putter. On the par 5's I was a driver, 3 iron or driver, 5 iron. All my irons were amazing, mis-hits still went long a straight, long irons flew, putting still needs some work, but putting always needs work. I probably could have broke 80, but I doubled bogeyed 17 then bogeyed 18. After close scrutiny I think my "little miss caddy" approves of the clubs.