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[Pictures]Received 05/14/2005 18:28

Zoo Day Pics

Today Hannah is 7months old and to celebrate, we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. We took lots of pictures, but Hannah slept for most of it.

[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 05/14/2005 02:12

Daddy Daycare Today

I had the day off today, and Mommy didn’t.  So it was up to me to put on my Daddy Daycare Hat and take care of “Little Missy” today.  I had a BLAST!  It was so fun we watched TV, I fed her cereal, we visited Mommy at her school.  (Hannah took Dolly as her IBM Buddy) We went to the golf store (No I didn’t buy anything) Then we came home and played with her little gym.  She took all her naps and didn’t fuss at all.  She is the GREATEST BABY EVER!