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2005 Fort Worth Air Show

Today we all went to the NAS JRB Fort Worth Air show at the Carswell Joint Reserve Base. Hannah's first Airshow, there were lots of planes and best of all it was FREE! Gates opened at 8 and we got there about 9:30, and I'm glad we did. As we were leaving the line of cars coming in was huge! The F-18's were a bit loud for Hannah, so we had to leave before we were able to see the Blue Angles fly, but we were able to get some pics of their Jets! Anna thinks that these pics will make a good scrap booking page.

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Boy Scouts of America

My Dad sent me this pic the other day, and man how I've changed. This was taken right before I received my Eagle Scout Rank. As you can see I was quite the Boy Scout. I learned how to do all sorts of cool stuff. I can't wait to take Hannah Camping. Hopefully she wont be as high maintenance as her mommy.