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My Sleepy Song

Let me start off by saying that we have been so fortunate. Ever since Hannah was 10 weeks old, she has slept through the night, every night. It has been wonderful. To tell the truth (knock on wood), it has been easy. Every night is pretty much the same thing. Some time around eight, we feed her, and then put her in the crib. Sometimes she is wide awake and other times she falls asleep eating. Either way, she sleeps all night. Tonight, she fell asleep around 7:30, Anna got her up around 8:30 to change her and give her a bath. When we put her to bed, she was wide awake, but within a couple of minutes I heard her Sleepy Song The wonderful Hum/Grunt she ALWAYS does right before falling asleep usually while we are driving in the car. The second we hear her Sleepy Song, she falls asleep within minutes. Luckily, I had my Sony Handycam with Night Vision to capture her Sleepy Song

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Bath Time Fun

Hannah has moved up to the tub. She still can't quite sit up yet, so we just put enough water in for her to lie down. With her arms behind her head she looks comfy to me.