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Going... Going... GONE!

This past Saturday we held the first annual Gode Garage Sale along with the
Davis bunch. I say annual but we haven't decided that we are going to have
another but you never know.

We spent last week gathering our "treasures" together. Josh and Chris
brought over all of their goodies. Myra wasn't quite sure if she was ready
to get rid of her belongings or not. She didn't mind putting her toys out
for sale as long as she got to play with them while she waited.

The day of the sale the weather was absolutley perfect. No rain and just the
right amount of wind. We stayed out most of the day and the kids played so
nicely all day. We were really proud of them.

At the end of the day we had sold over 260 dollars worth of goodies and even
better I now have an empty closet in my house. Chris is even considering
holding one at her house in May to see what other "treasures" we can find to
sell. So if you missed us this time, head on over to the Roberts Cutoff
area sometime in mid-May. Who knows what you will find!

Oh, by the way...I was able to sell Ricky's George Foreman Grill for 50
bucks . The only problem is that it is STILL cluttering up my gargage b/c
the lady that bought drove up on a motorcyle and didn't have a way to get it
home! At least she has aleady paid me. George Foreman Grill anyone?!?!?