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[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 12/29/2004 00:08

Merry Christmas to me!

To my surprise this Christmas, Anna got me a new sunroof for my Ford Escape! I was pretty pumped. I took it to the dealership yesterday and it was finished today!

[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 12/29/2004 00:06

Christmas at the Davis's, Big Granny, PaPa, and Granny

Granny and PaPa invited us to a fun filled family Christmas the weekend before Christmas. There are so many of us Davis's now that it is hard to all get together on the actual day. We started the fun out with lunch on Saturday at Granny's and present opening. It is always a mess once the wrapping starts flying! Hannah, of course, didn't make much of a mess (not this year any way!) Jordan and Hayden got metal detectors. PaPa had hid some money out in the woods so they spent the rest of the day trying to locate the loot. Skylor got his army fatigues that he had been dying for. He has been wearing them ever since and won't take them off except to bathe! I think they can actually walk by themselves! Kennedy got a dollhouse bookcase which she immediately tried to sit in herself! Myra got a Barbie jeep which she was so excited about that she forgot to open the rest of her presents! Hannah got a crawl and slide arcade. She was so unaware of what was going on. As long as someone was holding her she was just as content as could be.

Big Granny was also there to help us celebrate. Hannah had not met her yet so it was so nice for them to get to spend some time together. If I counted right I believe Hannah is her 21st or 22nd great-grandchild! It is hard to imagine how big one family can grow over the years!

Around 4:00 we all loaded up and headed to Guthrie, OK for an old-fashioned family Christmas. We started off with a family dinner at Granny Had One Restaurant. The buffet was full of everything from pot roast and ham and ALL of the fixings, to every kind of pie you could think of! Ricky even tried Lemon Meringue pie for the first time ever. BUT it was nothing like my mom's. Hers blows theirs away.

After supper we spent some time shopping around the city. Old fashioned store fronts were very festive with Christmas decor and lights. They even had people dressed up in old fashioned clothing playing cards, holding tea parties, and reading stories by candlelight. Kennedy saw three of her kids that go to her daycare playing the part of children from the 1800s. They looked so cute!

At 8:00 we all boarded a trolley (our family took up just about the entire car!) to tour the city of Guthrie's Christmas lights. Some of the houses really did a nice job of showing their holiday spirit and some looked like Uncle Scrooge's house with not even a porch light on! Hannah slept the entire night. She even ate while she was asleep! Two of her favorite things are being held and riding in cars (puts here out like a light!) so there really was no talking her out of it! I just enjoyed holding her, b/c come next Christmas she will be running all over the place!

We had so much fun being all together again. Too bad brother Nate and his family could not join as they live so far off. Maybe next year! I hear Granny already has an idea in the works~ Could it be Disneyland? We won't know until next time.