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Received 01/29/2005 20:55

Gode Daycare?

I had a wedding shoot to go to tonight and when I got home, my house looked like "The Davis Daycare" I always wondered how Christina does it. I think I figured it out, and it doesn't seem that hard. 1st put in Baby Einstein, and Noah will be taken care of. 2nd give Myra Hannah & the phone and let her call the rest of the shots. We've already seen how much Myra helps. 3. Sit back and enjoy the show.

[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 01/29/2005 20:06

Look what I found...

Today Hannah was playing in our backroom just 'talking' to herself. I noticed that she became fascinated with these two little things in front of her face. It was her own hands! It was amazing to see her just look at them and move them around. Then she would lose them (out of sight out of mind) then become excited to find them all over again!

[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 01/29/2005 20:04

Home Photography Studio

I went to Arlington Camera today and picked up a stand that will hold paper backgrounds. The colors I picked out today were black, white, and thunder grey. I have to take photos like these because when I go to Wal-mart they accuse me of copying photos from a professional. I usually have to show them my camera or my "setup" and they give me my photos. Usually I'm flattered, but sometimes it's a pain.