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Microwave Problems

So the entire family was down for the holiday break and were cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Things were baking, and sizzling, the microwave was going... Here is where the problem begins. I hear these screams of, "Where is the fire extinguisher!", "Turn it off! Turn it off!", "Its still on fire!". I come into the kitchen to find this mess. Somehow the microwave caught on fire. Upon further investigation, it seems the little ring that holds the carousel, exploded and maybe the metal inside began to arc.
This was only a few weeks after our dishwasher broke. At least it was under warranty. If it hadn't, it would have been a 300 bill to fix it. We called Whirlpool, to see if they would come in and fix our microwave. It wasn't under warranty. But they did send out a rep to look at it. The rep has NEVER seen anything like this before, so he was going to see what kind of strings he could pull. Whirlpool called us back and said that they would sell us a prorated microwave, with installation the grand total would be 95 dollars! It is even going to be white, just like anna always wanted.

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My last minutes of maternity leave are ticking by...

I can't believe that 12 weeks could fly by in the blink of an eye! I have to go back to school tomorrow. It has been so nice staying home with Miss Hannah. Now that she is sleeping a lot more at night we have been enjoying our time during the afternoons together. I have been very sad for the past few days. Tears just come and go. I never thought that I would be so sad about leaving her. I am very thankful that I was blessed enought to spend 12 weeks with her. Some mommies only get 6 weeks off with their precious little ones.

I have been trying to think of all the different ways that could allow me to stay and I think I have it figured out: Either Ricky needs to win the lotto or we need to move and sell our house. The house market is not exactly booming right now so I am hoping for the lotto!

I guess if I can't stay with Hannah then the next best thing is letting Christina watch her. As long as Christina promises to take very, very good care of my little angel!

Mommy gets off Martin Luther King Day and she can't wait!