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Trick or Treat

Hannah's 2nd Halloween proved to be more fruitful than her first. She actually kept her wig on and got plenty of compliments. We started off at Josh's High School, and did some trick or treating there. After that, we met up with the Davis Clan to do some trick or treating around our neighborhood. After that, I brought Hannah inside so we could pass out candy. She still had her wig on, so in between trick-or-treaters I was able to get some more pictures of her in her costume. As you can see from some of the pics, her costume was a tad bit big on her, but after taking her costume off, she was able to use both hands to survey her candy treasure.

Trick or Treating at Boswell HS

Noah: LOOK OUT MOMMY I don't have my helmet on!!

You're not going to get any of MY candy!

Daddy, I tired of this costume

I just kidding!

No, I not just kidding, it's too big and I can't grab any candy!

MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm Candy!

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1st year video

Here is a video of various pictures taken of Hannah during her first year. Click here or on the picture to view.

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