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Thanksgiving at the Gode's

Thanksgiving at my parents is always fun. There is plenty of food to eat and it's delicious. This year, we had some more entertainment from Hannah. We ate our actual Thanksgiving at my sister's house, but hung out with my parents the day before. Hannah had spent the previous weekend with Eliz, so she warmed up to her very quickly. In fact, Eliz, is who Hannah would walk to. She's taken steps before, but they were mostly stumbling forward. This Thanksgiving, she actually walked. She would catch her balance take a few more steps, stand there, then take a couple more. You could tell Hannah was very proud, and so were we.

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Thanksgiving at the Davis's

Thanksgiving at the Davis's was a blast. Anna will type more in here.

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Uncle Hank and Aunt Lizzy come for a visit.

Hank and Elizabeth came down for the weekend. Where did we go you ask? Well to South Fork of course. Its where the "Dallas" television series was filmed. We've been in Texas for over 6 years and have never been. It's a really nice house, but smaller than I thought. (Those Holly Wood special effects no doubt made it look bigger.)

After the tour, we were on our way to IKEA, but took a little detour to the Cheesecake Factory in the Stonebriar Mall first. That was some good stuff. From there we went to IKEA and closed the place down. It is kind of a maze, and took us over 10 minutes to find our way out of the store. Hannah seemed to enjoy herself though.