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A DORA-tastic Party

We celebrated Hannah's 3rd birthday they way she had been requesting for WEEKS!  "I want a DORA party".  (insert her sweet little voice, Auntie Chris does it really well).


She spent 2 months pouring over the Birthday Express party naming every party in the book.  I just knew she would change her mind from day to day, but she didn't.  So DORA it was.


I decided to do things the easy way and order the food.  Off to Chik-fil-A I went.  I HIGHLY recommend it for your next gathering.  Super easy and everyone loved it!  We did a nugget tray and fruit platter.  The fruit was soooo fresh!


The kids made visors and macaroni friendship necklaces.  Hannah is fascinated by the DORA one where everyone gets a friendship bracelet.  We broke the piñata and had some yummy cupcakes. 


She got some DORA furniture for her Magical Castle, the DORA doll with twins (another one of her favorites), some books, a blanket, and a sweet little DORA jog set from Cameron.  She even got a DORA phone from Aunt Sarah that knows her name!  She loved that! 


Granny got her a SUPER GIRL outfit for Halloween.  Hannah stopped opening presents so she could put it on!  She wore it for a week straight after that. 


Thanks for everyone coming by to help her celebrate.  A big thanks to Granny for helping the mommy get things ready.


 Oh, by the way brides, Cakevideo is NOT available the weekend of OCT 14th ever again!!!  The owner's princess has a standing appointment with her daddy!