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[Mommy's Thoughts]Received 11/13/2007 04:01

How do you spell relief?

Finally, the surgery is scheduled! Ricky had an appointment with the surgeon last Wednesday, but the dr ended up going home sick! We have THE best luck don't we?

Anyway, our kind neighbor friend, Danita, went ahead and put him on the books for surgery on Friday, November 16th. He had his pre-op appointment today. Because they had to work him in, he ended up having to wait THREE hours to see the doctor.

The good news is that we are still on for Friday. The bad news is that he will probably have to take another day off this week to do his pre-op stuff: blood work, chest x rays, paper work, etc...

So if all goes well we will be heading to the hospital Friday morning at 6:00 am. Granny and Papa have offered to come down and help with the munchkins. Here's hoping that my sanity holds up...