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Tumbling Tots: Boswell Style

For the past four Tuesdays we have been taking Hannah to a Mommy and Tots Gymnastics class at the local high school. Last night was the last night for this "semester". Tot semesters run a little shorter than high school and now I know why!

Hannah has a hard time "focusing". Hmmm.... I wonder where she gets that! Anyway, since all of the kids were under 24 months it, it was next to impossible to have a "structured" lesson. Hannah spent a lot of time playing "away" from the rest of the class. She definitely seems to march to her own drum.

Every night when we would come in the coach would have something set up for the tots to do such as a cone course or a hoola hoop course. And every night Hannah would "rearrange" the course for her. Needless to say once Hannah started the others followed and the course was shall we say "history"!

One of her favorite things to do was play in the "pit". The pit is this huge pile of foam cubes with a tramp underneath it. The gymnasts use it to practice their flips into, I think. (Is that right Flip Flop Coach Briley?) They put a mat up like a slide for the tots to slide into. Hannah loved it!

Another thing she liked was running up and down the inclined mats that looked like ramps. Sometimes she would even slide down on her bottom with the right coaxing.

Last night she finally decided to give the balance beam a try. I would have pics, but Daddy was out golfing. (Note: See 2 posts before.) They bounced balloons around and shook the hoola hoops.

Cameron seemed to be a little more advanced, but who can blame her? She is the daughter of 2 "famous" flip floppers~ Maybe she can teach Hannah a thing or two! Here the girls are after a hard days work. I can't believe how much they have grown over the past year.

She seemed to have a great time. Who knows? Maybe next time she will actually listen to the teacher~ Until then we will be practicing our balance beam routine on the retaining wall out back.

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School's OUT for the Summer!

Yesterday I was our official last day to work. I spent the day making my room summer ready and Ricky spent the day at the golf course! Of course, it helps that he won some dinero! (See previous post)

Anyway, Hannah enjoyed her last day at Davis Daycare for the school year. She had a nice special surprise with Myra being home all day. They even got to go swimming in the am.

I am so glad that Hannah gets to stay home with Auntie Chris and Noah instead of a big daycare center. The only thing is that she now thinks she has TWO mommies! She loves spending time with her and I know she will be missing her in a few days or so.

Thanks Chris for taking such great care of our little "Thumper"! See you next year...

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Champion on the EMSISD Tour!

Yesterday our district had their annual tournament and after getting 2nd last year, this year would be a different story. We started off slow, and parred the first hole, then we birdied the next 10 holes! I hit a monster drive on number 12, and we were only 30 yards off the green, but nobody stuck it close. We all missed our birdied putts and let that birdie slip by. Number 13 was a 160 yard par 3, and no one hit it close on this hole either, it was our 2nd par in a row. Number 14 is a risk/reward par 5, easily reachable in 2, but you have to carry 260 yards over water to a very narrow fairway. My drive went right, another guy laid up, and the third looked like it would be good, but hit a tree. When we got to the ball we found that we had a decent lie and it had cleared the water. We were 177 out and I hit a perfect 5 iron about 8 feet from the cup. I made the eagle put, and we chipped in the next hole for another eagle, and birdied the rest of the holes except for 18. We finished at 16 under! Our team won about four hundred dollars in cash and prizes! They also had other prizes for closest to the pin and long drive. I "should" have won both long drives as my ball was the farthest, but neither of mine were in the fairway! I wasn't in trouble, I wasn't even in the rough, just not in the "fairway" It was a good thing my swing coach "Hannah" helped me out with my iron play, because I did win closest to the pin at about 3 feet with my 9 iron. The prize you ask? A trip for two to VEGAS! Anyone wanna come and watch my swing coach Hannah?