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The Care Bear Countdown has Begun!!!

This evening after Mass (which Daddy & Hannah spent in the cry "foyer" not b/c she was crying, but b/c she just wouldn't sit still!) we headed over to Party City to begin gathering all of the goodies for the first birthday celebration which will happen in about 4 weeks!!!

Yes... I know it is a few weeks early, but we wanted to celebrate with the fam in OK and the 1st weekend in October is going to be the ONLY time that we will be free. Between SOMEBODY in this house turning 30 on October 7, JFest 3, Halloween, and ALL of the weddings Ricky will be shooting it just worked out that way.

Anyway, Care Bears it is!!! Why Care Bears you say? Well, the Steuver clan gave Hannah this cute little talking Harmony bear which she LOVES!!! Her face lights up when she sees her "friend". When I found out that there was a Care Bears' 1st Birthday theme, I knew it was exactly what we had to do.

Hannah made sure that everything we picked out was just right. She tasted every package of napkins, plates, cups, forks, and invites and checked over each thing at least three times. After a while she threw her hands up in desperation and said, "Enough!" Luckily, we had all we needed for the big day.

Daddy and her snuck off and took a look at all of the Halloween costumes. She loved the pirate mask that Daddy put on. Arrggg...I'm a pirate!

After a hard day of shopping and a "short" afternoon nap, Hannah fell asleep on the way. She went to bed at 7:00 just plum tuckered out! If all of the party prep wears her out this much, I don't know how she can handle the excitement of a party! I guess we will have to wait and see...