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[Video!]Received 09/22/2005 02:19

Pushing Right Along!

Hannah has been playing with this toy since she began pulling up. It's a great toy with many uses. It makes all kinds of noise, we use it as a table by putting Cheerios and raisins in it, and tonight it got another use As a walker! Hannah has a couple of other walker-like thingies, but as many of you know, they move too fast and the little ones usually fall down, but on our tile, this little toy moves at just the right speed for our little BIG girl. Click on the picture to view the video.

[Daddy's Thoughts]Received 09/22/2005 01:47

Attitude? What Attitude?

My Dad sent this photo of me showing my form of attitude Hannah has some of the same expressions. That picture was taken so long ago, I don't know where she could be getting it now? In the bottom picture, how can you say no to that