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My National TV Debut

The date, January 31, 2002 I make my television debut on the show Call for Help. At the time it was on a network called TechTV, formally known as ZDtv, now its crappy G4tv. The host of the show was Leo Laporte, an ubergeek of the highest degree very well respected, but when G4tv bought our TechTV they canned Leo. This made many in the geek community furious. I guess Leo was "too old" for this new hip crappy G4tv network. But wait, in honor of Leo Laporte's return to the show Call for Help. I dug in the old vault and will post this little beauty.

I only tried to get on the show for about a week. They had this little chat room you would get into and you would tell the moderator your question. The question I kept asking was regarding Office XP to Office 2000 converters for PowerPoint. I got nowhere. Then when turning my computer on (so I could try and get on the show) This weird message popped up about my password expiring. I didn't think much of it, in fact I didn't even google it. I just asked in the chat room if anyone else had this problem. Then I get a PM (private message) from the moderator saying that my question would be great for the show. I gave them my phone number and they called me up, and I was the first caller of the day. Click on the pictures below to see the video.