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Everybody Lubs Presents to Daddy!

Actually the saying goes, “Everybody Lubs Presents to Hannah”  Its what Hannah has been saying to gear up for her upcoming birthday.  But today was Daddy’s day.  Actually, it was just Daddy’s diner, but we ate at Texas de Brazil which was pretty AMAZING.  At about bucks a plate it’s someplace we can’t eat at very often, but this year we had a coupon.  Buy one get one FREE!  Its like a buffet of STEAK!  The food was great and the service was PERFECT.  It was pretty slow, so Hannah kept the wait staff entertained by making her little bracelets.


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How to escape the Man Eating Couch

When Andrew fell asleep watching Hannah decorate her Princess Pumpkin Head, thinking he was safe, we set him on the floor behind the infamous Man Eating Couch.  Like a moth struggling to get out of its cocoon, he had to get out of this one on his own. We were too busy laughing and taking pictures powerless to help poor little Andrew.  He managed to escape and is now a better man for it.