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I Finally got a Corsair Flying

Since I have began RC, I have always wanted a scale model, a F-4U Corsair to be exact. Several years ago, I began building a small electric one that maybe flew 50 yards before it fell out of the sky. It was a bit heavy and didn't have enough power. Now, I have a Corsair that performs as good as it looks and has way TOO MUCH POWER! I rarely get above 1/3 throttle the entire flight and the battery pack will power the model for three 10 minute flights. Josh came out to the park by my house and took some great pics.

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Easter Egg Hunt at the Davis House

On Sunday eggs were hidden around Anna's parents house in Stroud. The kids had a great time picking them up and playing in the yard. They were so fast that I had a hard time keeping up with them. Where is Hannah you ask? She was taking a nap. Oh yeah and Hank went down the zip line!

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Trip to the Tulsa Zoo!

Over Easter weekend all the relatives from Maryland came for a visit. One of the stops was the Tulsa zoo!