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Muchas Gracias!

I'm back! After a nice two day get away the Mommy is back! We found lots of great deals and enjoyed nice quiet dinners with no little hands! I found Hannah tons of clothes for next summer for pennies at the Children's Place summer clearance sale. She is all set for the summer of '07 provided that she doesn't hit a HUGE growth spurt!

Anyway, while I was gone the daddy did a great job with the missy. They enjoyed a few lunches and playtime at Chick-o-lay. Always a big hit at our house. Cameron and her daddy even joined them on one of the trips. The girls always have such a good time playing together.

Unfortunately, Hannah woke up the first night I was gone which I might add is very unlike her. Ricky awoke to find her sleeping sitting up in her crib. Several times in the night he checked on her (with the video monitor) to see how she was and she was once again sleeping sitting up.

The next morning he went to get her and she was standing up. It seems that she had vomited in the night and was sitting up to avoid the mess! Poor baby! Daddy cleaned up everything like a pro though. He even washed the bedding!

As a treat I brought him a corn roaster for the grill. He was so excited! He has been on this huge corn on the cob kick since I cooked it when the boys were here. I am sure we will be firin' up the grill this weekend when Cousin K comes for a visit. So if you are in the neighborhood, stop on in!

Believe it or not I didn't take ONE picture of the whole trip~ This picture was taken the day I left. Hannah was so upset before I even left. She kept following me around while I loaded the car just crying. It was so sad!

Thanks babe for the break! I am sure it will tide me over for the next two years~

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Splashin' Around

While Cousin Kenzie was here for a visit and the boys were on a shoot, the girls, uh... and Noah, decided to head to Bedford Splash for an afternoon of fun. We had so much fun cruisin' down the lazy river and slidin' down the slides.

Hannah wasn't too sure at first about the slides. Before long she was heading up and down by herself. The problem was she wanted to do EVERYTHING by herself! It was hard to keep an eye on her as she darted from place to place.

We rounded out the evening with a half price pizza from the snack bar. It seems closing time is the time to eat! You can't beat a pizza for .50 AND a drink.

That evening we had a sleep over complete with S'mores making and card making for Aunt Sarah's birthday. The girls were so giggly! Hannah had a good time playing with them. Boring old Mom just doesn't do it for her sometimes.

Can't wait to head to Bedford Splash again! Hopefully, next time Daddy can join us!