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I Feel Pretty, Oh, So Pretty...

On our way back home from Oklahoma over the 4th of July holiday, we encountered a stowaway! No, not really! Cousin Kenzie joined Hannah for a few days vacation of her own back in Texas. Hannah was SO excited to have a face other than Mommy to look at on the long drive home.

For a special treat the girls (me, Kenzie, Myra, and Christina) decided to pamper ourselves with a day to the spa for a pedicure! Hannah had to sit this one out and instead took a boys' trip to Fry's. Trust me! There would have been no pampering for Mommy if I had to chase her around the entire time.

Myra choose a very bright RED and Kenzie decided the match the big girls with a French pedicure. I tried to talk her into this lovely turquoise that would match her swimsuit perfectly, but no go.

We had such a nice time getting our toes massaged and painted. Myra opted to have some butterflies painted on hers and they looked adorable! I think they turned out pretty nice, don't you think?

Side Note: That afternoon we went swimming and Kenzie's polish started rubbing off, so off to the salon we went for a touch-up. This time she went with the turquoise instead. It seems that little toes aren't quite cut out for a French pedicure due to the size.

I could really get used to being a "lady of leisure". The only thing missing were the chocolate bonbons!

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Do You Know the Way to San...

Marcos? Well, that is where I am heading for two days with Carlynn. After both turning 30 in March, we decided to mourn our 20's in fashion with 2 fun filled days of shopping and fun. Where better to do it than San Marcos, TX filled with multiple outlet malls~ It is like the MECCA of outlet malls.

We plan on getting a little back to school AND Christmas shopping done as well as enjoy a dinner or two without our precious little 21 month old darlings. Eric and Ricky are on Daddy Daycare 24/7 for the next 2 days. It should be FUN!!!

San Marcos or Bust!